Dassoucy participe aussi !

Dear friends,

Over a week ago, Faenza launched a campaign of participatory financing for the realization of a CD, dedicated to the Airs à 4 parties of Charles Dassoucy. We had never up until now called on this way of financing, but because this project has just knocked on our door unexpectedly, we need your help to bring it to fruition.

The Frog’s Glance


October, already, and I am having trouble writing the ubiquitous September newsletter - those which nearly invariably start with « It’s the end of summer vacation! » and list the fantastic activities and proposals of a group, or an enterprise, or a store, or a theater which will make you turn out in numbers…

Polichinelle dans le Grand Est !

Monseigneur the Public,

Here I am, back in the Grand Est for nine performances – four of them are for all ages!

I will have the pleasure seeing you:

- at the Espace Georges Sadoul (Saint-Dié-des-Vosges), Wednesday, April 11th at 3 PM
- at the Centre culturel de Nouzonville, Friday, April 13th at 2PM and 8:30 PM
- at the MCL de Gerardmer, Friday, April 20th at 8:30 PM

For more information about the show, click here.

Faenza wishes you a very Happy New Year 2028!



Every year, just when it’s time to optimistically express to you my wishes of happiness, health and prosperity, I feel ambivalent.

In reality, although I try to force myself, although I try to have a better attitude, I am not an optimist.

Hang on, this is going to be a little long…

A stationary voyage

I like this oxymoron. I had seen it in an article on cabinets of curiosities, at a time when we were working on an eponymous show. It came up again in communications about our program, the Jeu des amants (The Game of Lovers), an interactive evening where we have teams of players travel, following an imaginary map of the Kingdom of Love.

Polichinelle and Orpheus in Hell

After having triumphed in Avignon, Polichinelle sets off for the Ambronay Festival to give a performance for all ages on Sunday, September 25th at 3 PM, and then two school performances on Monday, September 26th. The next occasions to see Polichinelle, Orpheus and Eurydice will only be possible next February and April, so it’s up to you!

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