Concerts de février

After an impressive performance of "Le Jeu des Amants" before a public composed exclusively of couples in love (the initiative of the alumni network of the University of Reims), Faenza will be at the Nuits Baroques du Touquet this week with two concerts:
- Saturday the 21st at 4PM, "Le Chant des Charlatans"
- Sunday the 22nd at 3:30 PM, "Le Salon de Musique ou Le Baroque à la Carte"
Still in the framework of Faenza's artistic residence at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, the ensemble will present a new rendition of "Jeu des Amants,"  featuring Olga Pitarch, in the Musée Saint-Loup, a very beautiful museum, on Tuesday the 13th at 3PM.

This New Year, wishes are difficult to put into words

I had planned tonight to wish you a Happy New Year on the part of Faenza. But can one still speak of a "happy new year" when nearby in Paris, three men have murdered 17 people, being sure of their right to? Can we do anything else but wish that the rest of the year be... better? Around me, people are getting discouraged: what sense can our activities as musicians, researchers, teachers have alongside this reality? Reality - enormous, omnipresent, and planetary - without common measure with the microcosm that forms our community of the privileged among the privileged.

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