Une rentrée Salon de musique

"The Music Salon" still holds the place of honor in Faenza's programming this fall.

Pick "The Lover," and you will succumb to his charms;
Pick "The Emperor" and you will discover his tragic destiny;
Pick "The World" and you will be present at its creation...


22 cards, 22 figures, 11 drawings at each performance, this is the theme of the evenings, all unique: instrumental pieces, songs and poems compose a Baroque universe for each of the Major Arcana of the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck.
Faenza, inspired by the conviviality of the ruelles in the 17th century, recently gave performances of this program, wrapped in the intimacy of a music salon:

From September 9th to the 12th in the Théâtre d’Auxerre, France
September 19th, in the Château du grand jardin in Joinville, France
September 25th, in the Festival baroque de Pontoise at the Musée national de la Renaissance, Château d’Ecouen, France

Reviews of "Amorosa Fenice", songs by Giulio San Pietro de’ Negri ensemble Faenza, agOgique (AGO 018, 1 CD, 2014)

The ensemble Faenza imposes itself immediately with its precise diction, its volubility, its vocal suppleness, the balance between voice and accompaniment, its sense of the dialogue between the singers and the instruments; also by the virtuosity of the instruments and, in a general manner, by its care in the precise figurative musical translation of the images and the sentiments of the text.

Concerts de février

After an impressive performance of "Le Jeu des Amants" before a public composed exclusively of couples in love (the initiative of the alumni network of the University of Reims), Faenza will be at the Nuits Baroques du Touquet this week with two concerts:
- Saturday the 21st at 4PM, "Le Chant des Charlatans"
- Sunday the 22nd at 3:30 PM, "Le Salon de Musique ou Le Baroque à la Carte"
Still in the framework of Faenza's artistic residence at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, the ensemble will present a new rendition of "Jeu des Amants,"  featuring Olga Pitarch, in the Musée Saint-Loup, a very beautiful museum, on Tuesday the 13th at 3PM.

This New Year, wishes are difficult to put into words

I had planned tonight to wish you a Happy New Year on the part of Faenza. But can one still speak of a "happy new year" when nearby in Paris, three men have murdered 17 people, being sure of their right to? Can we do anything else but wish that the rest of the year be... better? Around me, people are getting discouraged: what sense can our activities as musicians, researchers, teachers have alongside this reality? Reality - enormous, omnipresent, and planetary - without common measure with the microcosm that forms our community of the privileged among the privileged.

FAENZA on tour in the Ardennes region of France, performing "Songs of Charlatans," which features music from Lully's "Carnaval."

After a series of four concerts of « Jeu des Amants » in the context of Faenza's residence at the University of Reims in France (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne), the ensemble went on tour in the French and Belgian Ardennes  recently with a new production, « Songs of Charlatans ».
This program, performed by four singers and two instrumentalists, presents a selection of the best entertainment imagined by Molière and put to music by Jean-Baptiste Lully and Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

Faenza in residence at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne : four concerts to end the semester

At the beginning of December 2014, Faenza gave four concerts for students of  « Le Jeu des Amants »  in Reims and Troyes, to mark the end of the first of four semesters of its residence at the URCA, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.

Le 1er décembre à Troyes, les 3, 4 et 5 décembre à Reims.

Since last September, Faenza has been in artistic residence at the UFR of Letters and Human Sciences which will last until July 2016: two years of collaboration with the teachers and students of Letters, History and Musicology, in Reims and Troyes. Fifty hours of courses - theoretical and practical - were given this semester by Marco Horvat in musicology, letters and history.

Quatre concerts seront donnés à destination des étudiants, avec une ouverture au public dans la limite des places disponibles et sur inscription obligatoire à cette adresse ou en suivant ce lien.

Olga Pitarch: vocals
Marco Horvat: vocals, theorbo and Baroque guitar

In the following semester, the scope of the residence will be enlarged with a new series of courses and workshops, during which the students will be encouraged to participate in the concert/cabaret "Le Bel Air" which will also be performed in Troyes and in Reims..

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